May all of these creative whimsies of mine delight the cupcake connoisseurs and let the fashion couturists come together in this fanciful blog I have created for you! Ditzie Cakes loves to make pretty things! Come and share with me! -Andie

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am on a new mission to try a more fanciful cupcake based on some traditionally named cakes. This one above gave me the idea! I have started you all off with my version of the German Chocolate Cake which by the way was never originally created by a German. I am happy to say that, even though I am German, this cake wouldn't make a German proud. I am not putting this lovely cake down...No! No! No! It has wonderful nuances that are working well together. Such as, the light and airy chocolate cake. It's as if I have actually recreated a chocolate souffle! I was almost afraid to top it with the custard pecan coconut frosting fearing that it would deflate! It needed a little bit more...so I added a mocha cream frosting to the edges an dsprinkled it with a few more shavings of coconut! I really do like this one and I can't wait to add more to fine dessert menu very soon! Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Cat's Pajama's just released a few more of my textile patterns for their line! I am revelling with excitement!!!! (Is that a word? I know to revel is to whoop it up with merriment so this sounds like a good way of saying it? My brother will be sure to correct me-that's for sure!)Anyway,check out my patterns and some of the additional variations they created for sleepwear..... the giraffe pattern in the robe is to die for! And the ice cream will whisper sweet nothings in your sleep all night long and it won't leave any crumbs either...Got to love it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


One of my favorite apron designers is Cynthia Wadell of Heavenly Hostess! She is simply one of the most admired in the industry! "Desperate Housewives" has had a few episodes with Bree Van de Kamp in one of these elegant aprons...and now Heavenly Hostess has added my cupcake design to her collection! Oh my goodness, I would have never thought that the day would come! There is a children's apron in her line too that is simply adorable so Mother and Daughter would look ever so stylish together baking in the kitchen together. What's different about this particular Heavenly Hostess apron is the festive party coloration that differs from the one I had initially started with ...yes, spoken like a true textile artist! The first colorations were more on the vintage side and this one has "fun loving party" written all over it! So please check out her wondeful site and check out the collection she put together using my sweet cupcake design!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009


AMAZING and FABULOUS! How many opportunities can get you get to make cupcakes for a young lady turning 99! Happy Birthday Lillian.... and may there be many more!