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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is sure to be another good reason to celebrate! My good neighbor Lisa is celebrating yet another cherished year ,as she and most of her friends and family's are also grateful in participating, of her successful recovery from an almost fateful aneurysm. We are so grateful for her recovery and for the outstanding doctors and paramedics there at Mission Hospital! As Lisa has every year so far, asked me to share in her gratitude to all the people who had assisted their healing hands that day and throughout the duration of her recovery. And so this year, I am excited that I was able to change it up a little from the still fabulously good cupcakes to the truffle brownie pops this time!
I thought that we ought to make it personal ~with a wonderful note and Psalm suggested by Lisa ~would make this Easter Basket a perfect touch to the occasion. This is a personal thank you for all of you with the magic touch of compassion , care and healing that you constantly give to people in crisis and need. I truley Thank You too!
So I just followed up Lisa and she let me know that the truffle brownie pops were a hit! She decided to divie them up to those who were an integral part of her healing and these people were:
Dr. Lampert and Angiogram team(Lisa's 1st surgery to stop the bleeding)
Dr. Jackson, Darren (his PA) and Wilda(Office Mgr.)- Dr. Jackson is her Neurosurgeon
Mark Stevens and Mitch Ocasio (paramedics)
Terry, Kelli and Tane Sedgewick(personal trainer, wife and son)
Peter Bastone and Executive Team (CEO of Mission Hospital)
SICU Team of Nurses( she left a whole basket for them!!!!)
Her personal small group of friends!
.......She had fun!!! And that make me a happy baker!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


A wonderful neighbor of mine just down the street from me had a very good reason to contact me! Her son is getting married and she and her best friend Donna were going to put together a fabulous bridal shower for her daughter in law to be. It was so funny that they mentioned that they wanted it to exude a romantic garden and went to Pottery Barn to fetch some of those adorable watering cans! When they mentioned it, I had to tell them that I just got a few of those myself for the Easter which I was planning for. They would be great for those other splendid occasions that need to express a romantic "in the garden" look too! Aren't those water cans the sweetest things you have ever seen? Love them!

Monday, March 22, 2010


If there is any resort here in California that has the most beautiful and ideal setting, it is the Estancia Resort in La Jolla. I had the opportunity to discover this gem when I catered Emily and Brian's wedding last October. Miguel Pola was an additional photographer that day to Marc Weisberg and took these gorgeous photos I, oh just nabbed from his blog....hope that's ok Miguel? Aren't they beautiful though?
Well, last night I was doing a little research and came across a lovely blog posting from the event coordinator from the Estancia Hotel! I was thrilled to get just more than an admirable mention (posted here) from the Director of Catering, Erica Hinshaw. She actually used some of my photos that were from the Wedding that day! Anyway, thank you so much for mentioning my cupcake business amongst the elite services there in San Diego! That's just Fabulous!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Aurelia and her finace' Josh are eloping this weekend and they will be tieing the knot up in Vegas! Well, the girls here at work just couldn't let her off so easily so we decided to have a surprise party for her before she just took off leaving us like that!

Good thing too that she hates surprises..... Well, this one brought tears to her eyes and we were all pleased that it went over really well! She loved it! We are all really happy for you Aurelia! Best wishes to you both....hugs!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Four more days and the little arrival of Lucy will be cradeling in her new mothers arms! My dear customer Laurie whom I have known since the year I began this cupcake business is celebrating again with a lovely little girl which the family is adopting from Korea. She most definitely will be loved and will have a big sister to watch over her too.
Laurie's close friends Tina and Kristen made her place of the party look amazing. And I mean close too...Kristen is about a house next door and Tina just lives a few blocks away. I would love to have my BFF that close! Anyway, I am hoping that they can send a few pictures because I would love for you to see what they did with the hot pink and lime theme! Truely, after seeing the diplay, they ought to consider going into business because it looked that incredible. So, I hope to have pictures that they will show me soon? I do go on ...but Tina and Cynthia should really consider it...... just wow!
So all of my best wishes go out to the family with your new bundle of joy! Lucy couldn't have picked a better family to be apart of!