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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is sure to be another good reason to celebrate! My good neighbor Lisa is celebrating yet another cherished year ,as she and most of her friends and family's are also grateful in participating, of her successful recovery from an almost fateful aneurysm. We are so grateful for her recovery and for the outstanding doctors and paramedics there at Mission Hospital! As Lisa has every year so far, asked me to share in her gratitude to all the people who had assisted their healing hands that day and throughout the duration of her recovery. And so this year, I am excited that I was able to change it up a little from the still fabulously good cupcakes to the truffle brownie pops this time!
I thought that we ought to make it personal ~with a wonderful note and Psalm suggested by Lisa ~would make this Easter Basket a perfect touch to the occasion. This is a personal thank you for all of you with the magic touch of compassion , care and healing that you constantly give to people in crisis and need. I truley Thank You too!
So I just followed up Lisa and she let me know that the truffle brownie pops were a hit! She decided to divie them up to those who were an integral part of her healing and these people were:
Dr. Lampert and Angiogram team(Lisa's 1st surgery to stop the bleeding)
Dr. Jackson, Darren (his PA) and Wilda(Office Mgr.)- Dr. Jackson is her Neurosurgeon
Mark Stevens and Mitch Ocasio (paramedics)
Terry, Kelli and Tane Sedgewick(personal trainer, wife and son)
Peter Bastone and Executive Team (CEO of Mission Hospital)
SICU Team of Nurses( she left a whole basket for them!!!!)
Her personal small group of friends!
.......She had fun!!! And that make me a happy baker!!!


Lisa Foto said...

Thank you Andie for the extra added touches to personalize everything for me this year. I'll let you know how delivery day goes! You're the best! ~Lisa

andie said...

It is always an honor to be a part of this wonderful day that comes around for you every year! Just like your birthday, you now have another kind of "rebirthday" to celebrate and be thankful for!!! We all are grateful!!!! You're the best! ~ Andie =)