May all of these creative whimsies of mine delight the cupcake connoisseurs and let the fashion couturists come together in this fanciful blog I have created for you! Ditzie Cakes loves to make pretty things! Come and share with me! -Andie

Friday, May 28, 2010


Ditzie Cakes just wants to thank you again Riviera Magazine and Macy's for putting on a great show last Tuesday! The fabulous Melissa Robles and Cheryl Perkins, Riviera's Marketing Directors, are captured here in one of my photos. And to these great girls, I would like to extend a big thank you for making this an amazing evening night out for both me and all the City Girls!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last night was the evening I was really looking forward to! This was it.....the Sex and the City 2 premiere hosted by Riviera Magazine and Macy's South Coast.....and a little catering by Ditzie Cakes. The event started off as pre-party with cocktails from SKYY Vodka and a little catering by Creme de la Creme and yours truly. (BTW~ That's me!) After a little shopping in the Macy's Impulse Department , some mingling and sweet eats, we headed off to see the premiere of Sex and the City 2. What an evening of fun it was and what truly a good way to laugh out loud in the company of girlfriends when we saw the movie!
My BFF came with me and she took these wonderful photos of the evening! Thank you so much Laurie!!! I hope to have a few more coming soon to add to the post but I couldn't wait to get the party started!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


So this is it.....the moment I have been waiting for! I couldn't wait to tell you that I have been preparing for a big event that is coming up this Tuesday~ May 25th. I had been contacted by Riviera Magazine a couple weeks back who had approached me with a few events they had in mind to use my services. For this amazing event we will be catering the premiere of Sex and the City 2! I am truely a lucky girl...because not only do I get to put together a cupcake and dessert table feast but I get to see the premiere of Sex and the City too!
As of today, I finished these truffle pops...you know the ones that I designed that cute little tag for in my last post! I really do think that they came out exactly like I wanted them to turn out.
I will keep you posted when the cupcakes are finished and will have more pictures to show you the day of the premiere.... It's just FABULOUS!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I suppose it's that time of year again where college's are releasing packs of eager book savvy driven students into the real world! Too funny... I remember those days! My great customer Laurie S. (the one who just adopted a baby from Korea named Lucy.... oh my gosh, she is so cute!) ordered these for her cousin who just graduated from USC on Friday. I hope that these USC Flags will bring a wave of excitement for the new grad and a big hoorah to the adventurous road which lies ahead of him! All our best for that road to success!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


A night at the Hollywood Bowl with James Taylor and sweet endings with Mojito cupcakes from Ditzie Cakes....sounds like a perfect evening! Happy Birthday John!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have been designing small tags lately which resemble a "chic safari" theme for an upcoming event which I am going to keep a secret for awhile! I am so excited to be a part of this sensational event that will be held up in South Coast Plaza near the end of May. I don't want to ruin the surprise....so I promise to keep you posted! After making these white chocolate cheesecakes for an order on Mother's Day, I am thinking that these cupcakes would fit into the "chic safari" theme rather well......
I can't wait to tie these adorable ditzie cake tags on those wild truffle pops!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Apparently I should give credit where credit is due! I would now like to make an honorable mention to the person who gave me such a great concept for a cupcake. I failed to do that it my last post and my mechanic really was bummed about that. I feel so bad Chip! My mechanic has been so good to me keeping my my 79' VW convertible going for all these 10 years (OMG- has it been that long?) or bringing it back to life for that matter! So occasionally when I see him for a VW crisis, which has been often, I will bring him and his staff a few cupcakes. This one happened to be of his personal choice.....the Snicker's!
Thank you Chip for your support and your great auto service! The OC has to know that Unique -Imports is the best in town! And if they don't...now they will!
So tomorrow..... you will be able to fix my radio right? =)

PS~ I just wanted to let Chip know ~ if by chance he reads up on my blog again LOL ~ I really am soooo grateful that you helped me out today with that radio! You are the best!!!! And BTW ....your restored '77 Sting Ray is awesome! You know that would be something you could post on your blog....uh, when you get one going one of these days! People have got to see it to believe it!!!!


Just in case you have been noticing a few changes here on my blog....don't worry! Ditzie Cakes is just going through some redesigning lately! This is a new label that I designed for my cupcake boxes and I am thinking that my new business cards will have a similiar theme.
There are still many pages to rework on the website and I am just dying to bring it to you! I keep hoping that with each and every new order it will be a flavor that I haven't all ready taken photos of before! There is a new and exciting look to the website as well as the addition of new gourmet flavors! Uh....yum! So all you cupcake fans, just wait and see what Ditzie Cakes has whipped up in the kitchen as well as in the "Couture Shoppe" coming soon!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lucky me that I just got a request to put together one of my Ditzie Couture Gift Baskets for a customer! With the new website going up soon, this was a perfect opportunity to test out my visions I had for the couture gift baskets. I am hoping that there will be many style orientations that I can do depending on what the customer has custom ordered. It will be fun to see them personalized and really never looking all the same. This one includes one of my ditzie couture tank tops and a few cupcake tattoos as well as a gift certificate for one dozen of their choice! I just wanted you to take a look inside before I wrapped it all up in cellephane and tied it up with a big black bow.......


That which we call a rose by any other name would taste so darn sweet! This one is my latest flavor called Tequila Rose....Yes thoughtfully named after the alcoholic beverage. The guys at work gave me a request the other day and I really like the way it turned out. It sure made me crave a strawberry margarita this evening! It looks so deceivingly sweet .....but you will soon be feeling that tequila sunrise!
Now this one is my absolute favorite! Mojitos have become one of my favorite drinks.... especially the Asian Pear Mojito as the one they offer at PF Changs. This one doesn't have the sour pear pucker but it has main ingredients of a perfect mojito! And don't you love my new Anthropologie Beast Platter?!!! Thank you Laurie for the Anthropologie gift card....it was well spent..... I love my beast platter!