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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Four more days and the little arrival of Lucy will be cradeling in her new mothers arms! My dear customer Laurie whom I have known since the year I began this cupcake business is celebrating again with a lovely little girl which the family is adopting from Korea. She most definitely will be loved and will have a big sister to watch over her too.
Laurie's close friends Tina and Kristen made her place of the party look amazing. And I mean close too...Kristen is about a house next door and Tina just lives a few blocks away. I would love to have my BFF that close! Anyway, I am hoping that they can send a few pictures because I would love for you to see what they did with the hot pink and lime theme! Truely, after seeing the diplay, they ought to consider going into business because it looked that incredible. So, I hope to have pictures that they will show me soon? I do go on ...but Tina and Cynthia should really consider it...... just wow!
So all of my best wishes go out to the family with your new bundle of joy! Lucy couldn't have picked a better family to be apart of!


hapamom said...

Thank you so much for making the beautiful cupcakes for my shower. I can't tell you how many people said that those were the best cupcakes they had ever tasted and the prettiest that they had ever seen! Thank you again! You are a true artist and phenomenal talent.


andie said...

I am so excited to hear that the cupcakes went over well at your beautiful baby shower! But I was more excited to hear the great news of the adoption of little Lucy. You guys are going to be a perfect family! You are so sweet to say those kind words.I couldn't have been more delighted to make it my best effort for you! All my love and best wishes......hope to see some pictures of your new girl!
XOXO Andie