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Monday, February 3, 2014


My first post of the year! I am always tickled when it should be pink! I have taken a bit of a well rested leave since the Christmas holiday season. With so many events to bake, design and style, I seemed to have created a very bad pinched nerve running from my right shoulder all the way into my right hand. I seriously did not want to touch anything or do anything as it aggravated not only me but also my right hand so very much. I had contemplations of perhaps ending my Ditzie Cakes business if this was going to be a constant battle. As you know, I am a one person operation and wish to make my customers orders with the highest of perfection! It takes a huge toll on me after a big event and I always try to take a few days off after a big day such as wedding just to recover. That is after I have washed and cleaned and stored everything away the day after!

Well, miraculously, one day I woke up with the nerve sensation nearly gone!! It was like a level of 100% aggravation to nearly 10% level of I can accept this! WOW!

I still will need to pace myself so that doesn't happen again! As you know, I keep myself very busy and have other businesses that I do on the side! My hands are always working!

Just want to say thanks for all the new clients that are asking Ditzie Cakes to cater their events this year! January was certainly a surprise to start booking events all ready! I am so glad that I am going to be creating wonderful things for all of these events! My clients bring me so much joy and I love making memories with them!

Hope to share more lovely sweets with you all this year and glad to have such great fans!
Love, Andie

{photography by: andie from ditzie cakes}

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