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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Aloha! All of you tropical vacationers! Well, if you wanted to get a taste of those islands and missed yet another opportunity to get away like I did or if you just wanted to reminisence of the wonderful time when you were there ...I hope that these new flavors will remind you of those tropical delights! I am currently putting together a Luau party and these cupcakes are going to be on the menu. This one is called LAVA ROCKS. Keep checking in...because I hope to be adding more flavors soon!
Hmmmm......take me away to Coconut Island! This one is so nice and light and fluffy. The only thing that is holding it down is a dollop of dark chocolate in the middle! I really like this flavor....especially when it is splashed with Malibu Rum!
Kona Coffee and Chocolate Hazelnut! It really sounds like the perfect thing to have for a morning breakfast....yum! This is not your ordinary chocolate cake...it has a wonderful fusion of kona coffee balanced with the rich dark chocolate base and finely ground hazelnuts. Nicely balanced to the cupcake, is the delicate flavor of a chocolate hazelnut buttercream. This is a very elegant cupcake that could be a fine after dinner dessert. Bon Appetit!
White Chocolate and Guava will take you to a whole other island with this one! A nice tropical guava and white chocolate cake with a guava cream filling and of course topped with a decadent white chocolate frosting......it's so nice!
I think that I finally perfected this recipe! Every nuance of flavors now seem to balance well together. Pineapple and orange work well together as a nice Buttercream Frosting and the pineapple lemon curd fills the light and fluffy pineapple cupcake! Very happy indeed!

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