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Saturday, October 17, 2009


It was as if the day couldn't be more perfect as Emily and Brian said their vows in the romantic location of La Jolla this afternoon. On my way down to the Estancia Resort, I was disappointed by the fog that started to drift in. Next thing you know I was in the thick of it and I had hoped that Brian and Emily's day wasn't going to look like this by the time they took their vows! Well, as if the heavens had opened when I got their ... the clouds disappeared and it couldn't have been more beautiful!!! Everything was gorgeous!!! Debbie from Flower's Etc. had been putting the finishing touches on the table floral arrangements and the cast and crew at the resort were splendidly finishing the last details of the reception hall. I guess it was my turn to put things together!

The table, I thought, came out nicely! Amy Kuchta, really....the most incredible wedding and event planner I have ever seen, let me borrow those great wine boxes! The setting was perfect...but my only wish that my camera's lithium battery didn't give out. I had only taken about five pictures and it died on me! I am hoping that the wedding photographer Marc Weisberg will take a few good ones for me.... pretty please!

All my best wishes ,Emily and Brian, for a happy and beautiful future together! Love, Andie

PS~ Great Picture of Emily and Brian!


Lisa Foto said...

Wow Andie.......these came out so nice!!! I'm sure they were so excited to see and to eat them!! Really nice....again! ~Lisa

Laurie said...

Andrea these are beautiful cupcakes! The girls are I were lucky to get to taste them today! Thank you...wonderful wishes to the happy new couple.

andie said...

I you guys are awesome!!! It was one of my favorite weddings to be apart of so far. I loved how everything just came perfectly together.....just like the happy couple!