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Sunday, December 20, 2009


This has got to be by far the most beautifully captured Wedding I have ever seen! Not only are the couple just as beautiful but so are the people whom I have been so priveledged to work with on this day. The talented Marc Weisberg photographed the day and I was so lucky to have received these photographs from him just recently. This little cupcake baker's battery was not fully charged and I was extremely disappointed living with that thought so I ran up to Marc (as he was busy working!) and asked him for a few good shots for me! After I heard that Amy Kuchta said Emily and Brian hired the best of the best photographer I felt rather intimidated..... but he was so thoughtful and I can't thank him enough!!!! I have to laugh at loud, but I heard that Emily was persistent about getting more shots of the cupcakes that evening. I was overwhelmed to see how many he photographed....LOL!

I also would like to thank the talents of Debbie Jacobson from Flower's Etc. who as you can see the arrangements are just stunning. Debbie has been a great support to ditzie cakes and has also topped my cupcakes an extra notch with those beautiful fresh flowers! I owe her big time!

And here is the beautiful Amy Kuchta......the event planner extrordinaire! These fine people made this day perfect! My gratitude to you all for being able to be a part of working with the best people! My only wish is to be able to have another chance to do it all again someday!


Marc Weisberg said...

Wow, Andie! What a great post. You are so amazing at what you do. Everyone was THRILLED with the cupcakes. I've gotta say, they were by far the most beautiful cupcakes i've ever seen at a wedding or any place else on the planet. Way to go Andie. Your enthusiasm is contagious and you light up the room with your personality, your cupcakes and your smile.

andie said...

Wow, Marc.... This is such a great feeling to hear you leaving such a lovely comment to my post! I will savor the compliment knowing it has come from a person with such high merit.
Again, I can't thank you enough for these wonderful photos and now for the wonderful compliments. Something of value to keep on creating...Woo Hoo!

Thank you so much!